Improvements to how you organize and find files in Shared Drives

May 6, 2019

Introducing improvements to how you organize and find files in Shared Drives. These improvements include the ability to:

  • Hide Shared Drives on web and mobile
  • Search by Shared Drive file creator on the web: in a Shared Drive by a specific user, use “creator: email address.”

Streamline your list of Shared Drives by hiding inactive or irrelevant Shared Drives

You can hide a Shared Drive for a completed project or if it isn’t relevant to you. Hide individual Shared Drives or select multiple Shared Drives and hide all at once. Hiding Shared Drives is available on web and mobile. For details on how to hide and unhide Shared Drives go to  

Image showing the menu item for hide Team Drive

Search for files located in a Shared Drive

Searching for a files creator has always been available in Drive but not in Shared Drive. With this change, you can search by “creator” for files located in a Shared Drive as well as Drive. To learn more about finding files in Google Drive go to

Image showing the creater's email address in the search bar

Why you’d use it

These improvements allow you to quickly access the Shared Drives or files within Shared Drives that are most important to you by:

  • Slimming down your list of Shared Drives by hiding and unhiding as needed.
  • Searching for items that have been created by a user in a Shared Drive, similar to the search by owner in Drive.

Where to Go for Help

To learn more about finding files in Google Drive,

To learn more about sharing files with Shared Drives,

To learn more about Shared Drives limits,

To learn more about known issues with Shared Drives,

Or email