New Features in Google Forms

September 18, 2019

Import questions from previously existing forms

You can easily import questions from one or more Forms right from the tool. Under the + sign for adding new questions is the import questions option. The tool will allow you to import any combination of questions or sections. 

Form Notifications

The Google Form Notifications add-on is now available. This add-on allows users to automate email notifications for:

1. Form respondents - Configure messages that are delivered as individuals submit the Forms submission

2. Form owners and editors - Configure messages that are delivered to you (as the creator of the Form), or other collaborators, on predetermined response thresholds.

To enable this add-on, open a form> click Add-ons> click on the Form Notifications. In the authorization pop-up, choose your account and click on the “Allow” button at the bottom of the box.

To learn more, visit the Google help article.