Remote Teaching and Working

Below is a list of tips and services that VCU Collaboration Services offers that can assist as you remotely teach and work. If you need assistance with any of the items listed or our other supported products, please contact us at


Google Hub of Information and Tools

Google has a temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus crisis.  While some of the tips in the toolkit are geared toward K-12 institutions like using Google Classroom, there is still information that is very relevant to higher education and VCU. 

To access the toolkit, go to and select the Toolkit dropdown from the top of the page, then select your preferred language.


Tip for sharing between VCU Faculty/Staff and Students

Always use the student's full address when sharing, delegating, or adding a student to any of the Google apps.

Visit our "Share Between VCU Faculty, Staff and Students" page for more information.


Google Groups

A Google Group contains the email addresses of its members and allows you to send a message and share Google Drive files with all the group's members using the single address for the group. 

Members can be added to the group by the designated account manager(s) or by the Collaboration Services team in a bulk upload.  Google Groups will be created following naming standards for your department or school. 

Visit our Google Groups page for more information, including how to request a new Google Group.


Google Calendar

Google Calendar's appointment feature and the ease of adding a Hangouts Meet via the Add Conferencing option are available to easily schedule office hours or 1:1 meetings. 

Visit our Google Calendar page for more information.


Google Meet

Google Meet is a video meeting option from Google that makes scheduling and joining a meeting easier. Whether you’re using a computer, an Android, or iOS device, you can access meetings in one place. Meet supports up to 250 people at once.

Google has also temporarily allowed recording of a Hangouts Meet to all G Suite for Education customers.

NEW: You can now share higher-quality video and audio in a Meet video call through the new present to a Chrome Tab feature.

Visit our Google Meet page for more information.


Classic Hangouts and Hangouts Chat

Google Classic Hangouts is an interactive chat messaging tool that allows VCU students, faculty, and staff to communicate via instant messages one-on-one and in groups.  Please visit Google's Start a Hangout page for more information.

While we do offer access to the new Google Hangouts Chat, it is not available for communication outside of a domain, so 1:1 chatting between faculty/staff and student will not work in this new service.  The classic version of Hangouts is available for chat between faculty/staff and students.


Google Drive

Access, organize and share all your files from any device, anywhere. Enjoy unlimited storage with your VCU apps account. Google documents created in Google Drive may be shared between faculty/staff accounts and student G Suite accounts. Use the student's full address when sharing to a student account.

Visit our Google Drive page for more information.


Shared Drives

Shared Drives are available upon request for users in the VCU Faculty/Staff domain.  A Shared Drive can be used for projects, committees, departments, or other team-related purposes.

Students can also be added to Shared Drives, but they can only be content manager, not a full manager of the Shared Drive.

Visit our Shared Drive page for more information.



Google provides an online whiteboard tool called Jamboard to create a collaborative workspace to share ideas and spark creativity. Multiple users can join a Jamboard from just about any device and can all contribute simultaneously with a touchscreen or even a mouse.


Visit our Jamboard page for more information.



A mailing list or "listserv" is a way of sending an electronic message to a large number of people. Listservs often combine the characteristics of a newsletter and a discussion group.  A listserv is a good solution when there are internal and external members and not all members are Google account holders.  

Visit our Learn about Listserv page for more information.



VCU uses Listplex Maestro for university-wide massmails and provides a second console for school and departmental use.  Please contact us at, if you would like to discuss the use of the second console for school or departmental mailings.

Visit our Send Bulk or Mass Mailings page for more information.