Google Classroom

Google Classroom is on for the university more as a teaching tool for the School of Education and their students who will be or are teaching at K-12's.  Classroom can be used by the rest of the university, but we provide very limited support. Student data and grading information should not be stored in Classroom. Classroom is covered under our agreement with Google for data security, but this does not cover any third party add-ons.  We recommend using Blackboard as this is the university supported course management system. If you have questions about Blackboard and the features that might be useful to you in your course, you can contact the Learning Systems team ( They have multiple ways to get support.  Please see their site for other ways to contact them.

Classroom FAQ's

Who can I invite?

Anyone with a VCU Google account, including users with or addresses can join a Google Classroom.  The Google Classroom has to be set up by a VCU faculty/staff member.

Why can’t I add students from other schools?

At this time we do not allow students from non-VCU Google domains to join in VCU Google classrooms. Email if you want to discuss adding students from other schools.

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