Shared Drive (formerly Team Drives)

Shared Drives are available upon request for users in the VCU Faculty/Staff domain.  A Shared Drive can be used for projects, committees, departments, or other team-related purposes.

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Shared Drive FAQ’s

Who should be the “Primary” manager?

Whoever will be moving data from Drive to a Shared Drive. The primary manager will be granted special migration permissions for a two week period, then they will have the same access as other managers.

Who owns the files in a Shared Drive?

Shared Drive is owned by the domain (VCU) rather than an individual.

Can a file be shared to users not in the Shared Drive?

Yes, the file sharing permission is still available and does not change if a file is moved into a Shared Drive.

Can students and users outside of the VCU domain be in a Shared Drive?

Yes. They can’t be a full manager but can be a content manager.

What types of data can be stored in a Shared Drive?

Please visit the VCU DMS (Data Management System) website.

How is a Shared Drive named?

VCU Shared Drives follow a standard naming convention.  Each Team Drive will start with the "Banner Department Code" - "Department Name" - then a project/suggested name. An example is “TS-Collaboration Services-Projects”

How do I request a Shared Drive?

Submit a support ticket to request your Shared Drive.

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