Google Meet in Gmail on mobile

June 30, 2020

Google is bringing Meet in Gmail to mobile. This means users can join secure video meetings directly in Gmail without needing to open another app on their phone.

Screenshot of using Google Meet on mobile devices.

Why you’d use it

Meet in Gmail will allow users to start a new meeting, join a meeting by entering the meeting code, or join upcoming meetings scheduled in Google Calendar without leaving the Gmail app.

Additional details

Meet in Gmail is already available on the web. This launch introduces the same functionality, and more new features, in the Gmail mobile apps. Note that as we get closer to the launch, your users may notice the following when they try to join meetings from their phones:

  • When they click on a Meet link from their Android or iOS device, they’ll be directed to the Gmail app to join the meeting.
  • The look and feel of the Meet app will be updated but the functionality will still be intuitive.

Screenshot of using call in Google Meet.

Screenshot of Google Meet Call using mobile


Please note that if you click on a link in the Meet app, you will still stay in Meet and not be redirected to the Gmail app. These changes will roll out over the next few weeks. During this rollout, the experience for iOS users may differ. iOS users may see the Gmail app launch briefly and then close when they click on a Meet link. They’ll then be redirected to join the meeting in the Meet app. Joining meetings in the Meet app will only happen during the rollout phase and IOS users will eventually be able to join the meeting directly in Gmail.