Request a Google Group

A Google "Group" will only be created for authorized university-related purposes. A department name, contact person, contact phone number, and justification for the account must be included in order for the account request to be processed.

Create a support ticket for the Google Group:

    1. Select "New IT Support Ticket"
    2. In the search box, type "Google Group" and click the magnifying glass icon.
    3. Select "Request/Change/Remove"
    4. In the "Description" text box, enter a suggested name and purpose for your Google Group.
    5. If you have a list of members for this group, please attach a spreadsheet to the support request by selecting "Attach" then "Attach file", or you can share the Google Sheet or email the spreadsheet to
    6. In the "Special Instructions" box, click the link to complete the Google Form.