Grant access to Drive files directly from Gmail

October 21, 2020

Google is making it easier to manage access requests to Drive files by sending dynamic emails which allow you to respond to the request without leaving Gmail. This change will be available by the end of October.

When someone requests access to a Drive file, you’ll receive an email with the access request. Now, Gmail users will be able to manage that request directly from that email, without leaving the message. Specifically, you’ll receive a dynamic email that lets you review the request, choose the access level (e.g. edit, comment, or view), and grant access directly from the email. 

Previously, you had to open the document in a new tab or app to manage the access request. The dynamic email will make it quicker and simpler to manage these requests and control access to your files. It will work for Gmail users on the web, on Android, and on iOS. 

Note that the 'from' address for access request emails is changing with this launch. They will now come from

Dynamic request access email image


Turn dynamic email on or off for your account