New Google Groups

June 30, 2020

The new Google Groups is generally available - featuring an updated interface and more streamlined controls that make it easier to create, manage, and use. The modern interface is similar to other G Suite apps, such as Gmail, and makes Groups more efficient for new and existing users. 

Why you’d use it 

New Groups has a more efficient, streamlined UI, which makes it easier for users to create and manage groups. It includes the most used features from the classic interface, along with:

  • Read group conversations and write messages 
  • Consolidated settings for improved navigation 
  • Quick, simplified group creation 
  • New filtering and search options to help you find content quickly 
  • Improved group member management and more 

Features not available in the new Groups UI 

Most commonly used features are available in new Groups, and the new interface will improve the experience of using Groups for most users. However, not all features from classic Groups are currently available, including collaborative inboxes, tags, and categories. Use the Help Center to see which features aren’t available in the new interface. Google is working to add many of these features to new Groups, but organizations and users that rely on these features should continue to use classic Groups for the moment.

Switch between classic and new Groups

Select settings (gearshift upper right) to return to Classic Google Groups.


Learn more about the improvements in new Groups.