Rooms in Chat will be unthreaded by default and Accept knocks in bulk in Meet

November 16, 2020

Rooms in Chat will be unthreaded by default coming in November

Currently, conversations in rooms must be grouped into threads. This change introduces a simpler type of conversation, without threads—giving you greater flexibility in your discussions. With the change, when you create a new room, conversations will not use threads unless you turn on threading. (Note that you cannot change whether a room is threaded or unthreaded after it’s created.)

Chat Create new room

Additionally, unlike in threaded rooms, in unthreaded rooms, you can toggle history on and off. Your existing rooms won't change—you can continue to participate in threaded rooms and create more.


Accept knocks in bulk in Meet coming in November

Soon you will be able to accept all pending knocks in bulk in Google Meet. Admitting external participants or students all at once helps limit interruptions during the video call. Note, only the meeting organizer can see or approve requests to join a meeting.

Accept knocks in bulk in Meet.



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