Start or join a Google Meet video meeting directly from Gmail

May 4, 2020

Google Meet is now available in Gmail, which means you can start and join meetings right from your inbox, making it even easier to stay connected.

Screenshot of new Google meet options

Options to start or join a Google Meet video meeting now in Gmail


Enter a meeting code or nickname to join a Google Meet video meeting

Why you’d use it

With Meet in Gmail, you can easily start or join a meeting in seconds. Google wants to help you follow the flow of the day, seamlessly switching between email and video meetings—whichever form of communication you need.

Additional details

When you start a meeting, a new window pops up with a secure, unique URL. Choosing to join a meeting lets you enter a meeting code (provided by the organizer) or use a meeting nickname to quickly get everyone into an ad hoc meeting. Simply choose a nickname (ex: “catchup” or “Kevin-Priya”), share it with anyone inside your domain, and type it into “Join a meeting” to get everyone in your meeting.

Once in the meeting, you can invite more people to join.

This feature is currently only available in Gmail on the web with mobile coming soon.