Google Group

A Google Group contains the email addresses of its members and allows you to send a message to all the group's members using the single address for the group. Members can be added to the group by the designated account manager(s).  The Google Group will be created following naming standards for your department or school. A Google group can be used for:

  • A mailing or distribution list
  • An open forum
  • Drive access permission list

There are two types of Google Groups user roles: members and managers. Members subscribe to groups and participate in group discussions. Managers request new groups and manage group members, discussions, and other settings.

Google Groups are different than Contact groups created in your personal Contacts.  Learn how to create a Contact group here

Request a Google Group

A Google Group will only be created for authorized university-related purposes. A department name, contact person, contact phone number, and justification for the account must be included in order for the account request to be processed.

  1. Create a ticket for the Google Group
  2. If you have a list of members for this group, please attach a spreadsheet to the request or share the Google Sheet with
  3. Please complete the Google Form after submitting the ticket.

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