Google Meet is a video meeting option from Google that makes scheduling and joining a meeting more accessible. Whether you’re using a computer, an Android, or an iOS device, you can access meetings in one place. Meet supports up to 25 co-hosts and up to 1000 people at once—the last 500 join in view-only mode. 

Desktop experience

With Google Meet, you don’t need to schedule a meeting; go to to start a new meeting or join a scheduled meeting.

Mobile Experience

Google Meet is available for mobile devices (Android and iOS), so you can meet on the go! Download and install Google Meet from the Play Store or the App Store.

Meet Security

Google Meet’s security controls are turned on by default so that, in most cases, organizations and users won’t have to do a thing to ensure the proper protections are in place. Learn more about how Google keeps your video conferences protected.

How do I...

Switch from Zoom, Skype, or Webex

See a side-by-side comparison of features for these applications. 

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